Working with actual fire and smoke is both dangerous and difficult to completely control for the camera.

Until recently 3D simulated fire tended to look fake. Small details in the way it looked would ‘give away’ that the fire was not real. However recent software has made simulated fire, smoke and explosions truly photorealistic and natural looking.

Cartoonery Studios can allow you to introduce photorealistic fire and smoke safely in your video production allowing your creative ideas to be free to consider ideas and elements that were exclusively the realm of Hollywood movies just a few years ago.

These fires, smoke or explosions can also be edited, brightened, toned down, added to, or edited in any other way to give you control of your special effects that simply isn’t possible when shooting practical fire effects (real fire on set).

And the costs compared to hiring stunt people who work with fire, the insurance for cast and crew for a practical effect shot, not to mention the escalation of these costs and risks if multiple shots are needed, make Cartoonery Studios a cost-effective solution for anyone needing a fire effect in their video production.

We can allow you to use fire, smoke or explosions with control, safety and unlimited scale for a practical price and comparatively very little risk.