Whether this is because the product is still in the approval process, the item has not been produced yet, or for visual perspectives or views that need to be shown in a way that are either impractical or impossible to film (for example an item suspended in air viewed from 360 degrees or flying through an engine while running), there is always a need for 3D models for approval or promotional materials.

We regularly create mechanical animations based on client blueprints and/or CAD files.

Cartoonery Studios 3D models and animation also can show things like product packaging, POP (point of purchase displays), tradeshow booth designs or anything else that a client would want to see in 360 degrees, and be able to make changes, before the items are actually produced.

Whether you would use our animation for winning a client pitch, gaining client approval, gaining investor backing or for use in promotional materials, realistic 3D models can be an important piece of the puzzle to convince your client.