Welcome to Cartoonery Studios

I guess we have laid out the purpose of Cartoonery Studios in the website, but just to reintegrate the point, we make animation and nothing else. A wide range of animation styles and types to be sure, but that is our total focus.

We want to give advertising agencies, video production companies, architects, interior designers, film makers or anyone else who cannot afford to have animation capabilities “in house” to have the ability to add animation or animated elements as if we worked in your office.


Probably not actually Cartoonery Studios Offices

Having years of experience working in advertising and video production one of our primary goals is to give you work that integrates with your work. We take great pride in and love what we create, but if it sticks out like a sore thumb, even if that’s because people are impressed with the animation, then we haven’t served you, the client.

It is vitally important that when you reach out to an outside entity for assistance in something that will be so closely integrated with your work, as animation is, that it works seamlessly and we are very conscious of branding, logos, color palettes or any other detail to make our animation into your animation. Let us make some fake things for you.